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The Beginning of the New Age of Enlightenment

The Jefferson Bible

In the early 1800's, Thomas Jefferson represented a growing minority of gifted minds who felt that the New Testament, and especially the four Gospels, were founded on old fables and mythology, and he particularly resented the inclusion of "magic" and "miracles" in the telling of the life and teachings of Jesus. He and others resented the pagan influence on Christianity.

Jefferson modified the New Testament Gospels by removing the "magic"' and "miracles" passages, and then made a composite of what remained in the four Gospels. His creation was known as the Jefferson Bible. It was ahead of it's time, and is not known even today by the public or to the vast majority of the Christian world.

But, even though Jefferson was correct in removing the "magic" and "miracles" passages he still missed the point a bit. He was correct that the "magic" and "miracles" passages were forgeries, but it escaped even many bright minds of his day that much of the remaining parts of the Gospels may have been historically inaccurate (and thus forgeries) also. So the Jefferson Bible was just less a forgery than the four Gospels were!

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