1T3M - The First Testament of the Third Millennium

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The End for the "Official Version"

(In Religion . . . for now! --- Let's Start with Christianity)

The "official version" of Christianity, forged as it was, was "locked-in" by the early Church establishment, presumably for all time. But time has run out on their creation. Here at the dawn of the Third Millennium, modern day Christians will finally have an "open Bible", with testaments from our time and our world, and will pick up where our Jesus or other unknown Galilean reformers left off in advancing the evolution of man's beliefs about his Creator and our relationship with Him, and how we might live more Godly lives.

Here, at the dawn of the Third Millennium, it is finally time for modern day Christians to begin the process of education about the validity of the origins of their New Testament, about the historical inaccuracies in the Gospels that were the foundation of their religion. It is time for Third Millennium Christians to reinvigorate the process of evolution for mankind's still developing concept of his Creator. With the advent of freedom of religion, first in the western societies, and hopefully later in other societies around the world, the few, old, self-appointed fraternities of men who dominated religion and stifled the evolution of religious development for millennia, will be replaced by a plethora of forward-thinking fraternities of men who will facilitate and nurture the continued evolution of man's concept of his Creator, allowing each generation to contribute to the on-going process.

The First Testament of the Third Millennium (1T3M) is the first step toward the open Bible that will allow Christianity to evolve into the future and remain relevant as we honor those reformers-become-separatists and that preacher or those preachers from Galilee.