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Mankind's evolving concept of his Creator.


An Ongoing Puzzle
Belief systems are best when they are not locked in place for all time, refusing to evolve with the advancement of the civilizations which they serve.Mankind’s search for God did not stop 2000 years ago, or 5000 years ago. The pagan belief systems of those olden times were necessary as part of the evolutionary process, but cannot expect to stay ‘locked in’ forever and still be viable to more sophisticated societies in the Third Millennium and beyond. Man’s search for our Creator is a continuing quest, a puzzle to be solved one piece at a time over the generations as man uncovers clues put in place by the Creator for us to discover.
We share an ongoing journey to continue to discover and reveal our Creator and His plan for His Creation.


Our Observations of the Creation.
Our belief systems have, from the beginning, been born from our obserevarions of the Creation around us, coupled with our innate Creator-designed intellectual faculties to fit our beliefs into the context of each point in time for mankind's journey through time.


Science and Religion are not enemies.
Our observations of the Creation expand dramatically with man's accumulated learning over the millennia. With each new discovery in the Creation, we see new evidence of the hand of the Creator.

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