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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Does TV help make Americans passive and accepting of Authority

From post on my 1T3M page on Facebook.

Response:  "See my 1T3M page here at Facebook. Also, see the website for the book: www.1T3M.com for more in depth about people taking ownership of their belief systems. TV is a sophisticated tool, but the hand behind the tool has always been there. There have been methods over the millennia to control the beliefs and behavior of the 'flock". In order to defeat the modern sophisticated elite that control people's beliefs, people first have to learn how to do that against an easier, older group of elites who once held dominion over the flock's beliefs and who are no longer powerful enough to have an iron grip on the flock. 1T3M is all about this very journey."

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From Trust in the Lord @Facebook.com/TrustHimAlways
"God doesn't spare us trials but he does help us overcome them."

My comment to the post at the 1T3M page on Facebook was:
It must be so, because the very core of the human design is an engine that first and foremost is built to circumvent obstacles on our journey. We have a powerful drive that compels us to move forward, and an uncanny ability to go through, over, or around anything that stands in our way. It is almost like our Creator built the ultimate 3d video game, and liked playing it so much that he jumped in and experiences all our journeys, using our eyes, legs, hands, and the microprocessors between our ears to move us towards that goal only he knows for us. See 1T3M.com for a more in depth take on this idea. It's almost like God put all the ingredients into the pot, and lit the flame to boil the mix, and then jumped in. The question is . . . Is it Soup yet, or are we just on the way to the soup that he intended?
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In an election season like we're experiencing now, we see time and time again that the vast majority of people believe what they believe, but have no real idea why they believe as they do. In the vast majority of cases, their beliefs have been formed by others, and manipulated by others, especially the resource rich and sophisticated political organizations and the main stream media. These institutions don't represent what the people really want, but instead go to great lengths to manipulate the beliefs of those from whom they want support . . . for not representing their real interests!!!In modern human existence, two primary influences have formed the beliefs of the flock . . . religious groups and political/government groups and their inner circle. To fight for ownership of one's belief system, one has to first learn that they need to, and don't need permission, and can indeed do it. The political establishment is way too sophisticated to beat, until a sufficient number of people have the tools and experience to win against such a sophisticated and unethical crowd. Thus, the first step to ownership of one's belief system is to gain the experience by addressing the religious establishments that once were so powerful, but have become weaker and less able to control the beliefs of the societies they serve. People who seek to take ownership of their core belief systems can start there, and once successful, can take on the more powerful and wealthy and sophisticated political establishment. If we have time before it is too late. An example from this week was about people's comments regarding the debate between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney (there wasn't a debate !!!). But when a group of people were asked to comment who won the debate, and why, they launched a stream of opinions that this or that woman clearly won the debate, was more articulate, showed more poise, had the right answers to the questions, and shot down the points made by her opponent. People who supported both sides of the spectrum. Their gal clearly won. A debate that didn't happen. Makes you wonder what it means when people are asked about who won the debates between the two presidential candidates who did actually meet each other in 3 debates, or the two VP candidates who met in debate. The 'polls' of the population that tell us who they think won the debates reflect the beliefs of those same people who give those same opinions about debates that did not actually happen. I wonder if they know what they believe, or how they came about those beliefs. Sunday School? Grammar School? High School? College? . . . OR Television and the main stream media? But I suppose they will vote for something.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

1T3M Book have arrived from Printer. eBook ready.
Long time coming. 20 years of development. 1-2 years of writing and editing. 1 year of cover design and preparation for publishing. Another year of final preparation, and then some months of additional preparation. Then, a printer is selected and a beautiful product appears in my warehouse some months later. This website is prepared (the support at Register.com is awesome, by the way!)

Much corrspondence with those who have been early readers of 1T3M, and such a shame that all that correspondence is not in this Blog page, but we may find a way to get much of it here. The ideas that are alive out there are vastly more in number and quality and creativity than one might imagine. The world appears to be ready for evolution in belief systems to fit the Third Millennium.

Your comments are very much appreciated. Blog on.

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