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Third Millennium Christians Checklist

Re-Think for Third Millennium Belief Systems

Religious Freedom

Religious Establishments

Religious Authorities

Decentralization of Authority

Self-Appointed Fraternities

The One True Religion

Paul’s Vision

God in Physical Form


Jesus. Horus. Osirus. Krishna.

Virgin Birth. Walk on Water. Raise the Dead.

Rose on the Third Day

History of Religion

Superstition. Mythology. Paganism. Idolotry.

Relevance of Old Belief Systems

The Old Testament and the ‘old’ New Testament

Documentaries or Faith Documents

Magic and Miracles in the Gospels

True Origins of Christianity

Jesus . . . or Yeshua . . . or un-named Galileans?

Evolution of Christianity

Galilean Reform Hijacked by Pagan Rome

Evolution of Religious Belief Systems

Blending of Cultures and Belief Systems

Third Millennium Testaments

Third Millennium Bibles

Rules for Living

Founding Fathers

Political and Religious Freedom

Jefferson Bible


God Concept

God Gene

Is Science Alien to God?


Code For Living

Mimicking the Creator